2020: A New Year & a New Trade Agreement with China Translate to Big Opportunities for Your Business!

China Commits to Buying $200 Billion of US Products Over the Next Two Years!

As those who conduct business in China know, there’s been much to celebrate in 2020. Last month, not only did China usher in the lucky Year of the Rat but they also approved Phase One of a new Trade Agreement with the United States, committing to acquiring $200 billion worth of US products over the next two years. Let the celebrations begin!

According to the US-China Business Council, trade between the US and China grew by 15 percent in 2017 (last year with full reporting). “Current economic indicators point to even greater opportunities ahead, especially given that the US still lags behind other countries as a supplier to this market, ranking only as the 5th largest source of imports behind the EU, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan,” said Irene Agnew, president Agnew Multilingual.

“Is your company doing all it can to fully realize the opportunities that await in this emerging market? And, are you effectively communicating your company’s values and unique product benefits in clear, concise and culturally sensitive language designed to resonate with your Asian prospects? said Agnew.

For over 30 years, Agnew Multilingual has been a leading provider of language-translation and transcreation across all marketing, advertising and communications touch points, including website localization. And always delivered with fast, accurate and competitively priced service. Located in Westlake Village, California, Agnew draws on the expertise of over 1,500 highly skilled translators and multilingual talent worldwide. A woman-owned business, Agnew is ISO and WBENC certified, and registered as SBE, WBE and DBE with state and national agencies.

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