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New technologies and a broader multicultural market — both at home and abroad — make it imperative to develop and maintain a consistent and effective message in multiple languages.

Agnew’s personalized translation services, combined with ISO-certified project management tools, ensure that your message successfully reaches every audience, in any language, while protecting your image and brand.

Chinese * Spanish * Portuguese * Arabic * Navajo *  French * Japanese * Russian * Khmer * Farsi * German * Italian

Our Project Managers thoroughly analyze  the source materials to ensure our translators, editors and proofreaders understand the context and market-specific details that make up the foreign-language product ensuring it will meet your exact needs.

Beyond this, we help you localize your materials for translation. This targeted adaptation to specific locations requires taking into account cultural issues such as differing calendar systems, cultural symbols, numeric displays, forms of address and other unique concerns.

Using TM (translation memory), we identify duplication of content and make every effort to assure consistency in terminology across all files to protect the brand, improve return on investment and provide the most cost effective quotations.

WBENC Certified ISO 17100-2015System for Award Management Agnew Multilingual BBB Business Review
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