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website localization.

Website Localization

Effective website localization goes far beyond language translation. The interactive nature of the Internet requires a coherent design to address technical challenges of presentation in other languages and the cultural expectations of the target region.

Among the technical issues to consider:

  • String length variation among languages and effects on screen design
  • Character encoding standards (especially for Asian languages)
  • Font characteristics for readability and style
  • Search and sorting algorithms for other languages

Text and graphics content are also tailored for the target culture using:

  • Textual content that is both accurate and culturally appropriate
  • Images that are meaningful and acceptable in the target culture
  • Culturally appropriate presentation styles
  • ADA compliance and testing for file accessibility

Agnew designers are all trained in WCAG 2.0 AA compliance for web accessibility and testing.  We are experienced creating translated copy for responsive websites, SEO tools and web based ads all requiring specific character limitations and line break considerations.

We translate directly in WordPress, CMS with authorization or by providing .xml/.html/ios files for your web administrators to migrate.  We offer secure hosting on our staging server for updates and maintenance.

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