Expand Your Global Signal With Multilingual Video

As companies small and large reach out to global audiences and markets, they need to consider the strategic development and placement of multilingual videos on multilingual websites. While nearly one-third of the world uses the internet, only 38% percent of that internet usage is conducted in English. And while 44% of internet users are in Asia, the market penetration of current internet products (mostly in English) is only 21% in that region. Clearly, there’s not only a need but a market, hungering for communication in local languages.

Since videos are one of the most popular items on the internet, using services to develop videos in your customers’ languages, and posted on the right multilingual websites, can win new customers and win over existing ones. Agnew Multilingual provides more than just translation; we craft each project—voiceover, animation, music, editing—to make sure each version is realistic, entertaining, and attention-getting.