Is your content foolproof? Here are six tips for error-free translations.

Writing well for business has the power to influence and engage. Now that companies are operating in increasingly diverse and expansive markets (often with no face-to-face interaction), taking a strategic approach to B2B content should also include consideration of how well it will extend to every audience. Here are six tips translators at Agnew Multilingual swear by to ensure your content flows quickly and effortlessly across languages and platforms during the translation process:

The shorter the better.
Sentences longer than 25 words often become ambiguous and complex. Keeping phrases succinct enhances both the impact of your message and the accuracy of the translation.

Spell it out.
Refrain from using abbreviations and acronyms, however ubiquitous to your industry they may seem. For example, both the phrases Manned and Unmanned and Multiplexer Uplink Module distill down to the acronym MUM in their respective fields (Military/Telecommunications).

Consistency counts.
Stick with the same word for the same meaning For example, rather than alternating between “since” and “because,” use one or the other exclusively. Also, do not use more than one term when referring to the same thing. Utilize dialog window or dialog box, but never both.

No to buzzwords.
Avoid using slang and puns, as these terms can be difficult (if not impossible) to translate. Buzzwords are also problematic, given the narrow cultural context involved and how rapidly popularity can run its course. Omit words like synergy, bandwidth, and DNA (as in “this QA procedure is in our company’s DNA”).

Yes to proper jargon.
Jargon is a given industry’s technical vocabulary and when used properly can infuse your message with authority. Still, restrict usage to audiences unequivocally familiar with these terms to mitigate ambiguity and confusion.

Skip the analogies and idioms.
Idiomatic phrases like hit the ground running and out of left field do not always translate as intended. By comparison, the corelating self-directed for the former, and unrelated for the latter, are universally relevant and easily translatable.

Translated content 24/7 & disruption free.
Integrating the practices outlined above when writing for translation will help ensure your content flows rapidly and error-free through the process, even during these challenging times. And since Agnew Multilingual has been designated as an “essential business” by the County of Los Angeles, we are here to help your business tell its story disruption free, 24/7!

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