What is Agnew Multilingual’s Translation-by-Proxy?

Agnew Multilingual’s Translation-by-Proxy is the most efficient way to translate your website using human translators.          

For over 20 years, Agnew Multilingual has provided translation for websites by creating and maintaining a separate site for your non-English language target markets. This process involved creating new site directories and subpages for your localized content. Now, with Translation-by-Proxy, we can offer the most streamlined and effective way for you to translate and maintain your website without creating duplicate websites or draining valuable IT resources.

How does it work?

Agnew’s Translation-by-Proxy is an invisible layer on your existing website that allows your non-English speaking visitors to access your content in their preferred language. Using professional translators, Agnew Multilingual will work on text in the original website layout to provide translation, as well as create translation memories (TM) for each of your specified target languages. When a visitor accesses their target language, they will see a projection of your site in their desired language. As translations accumulate, TMs will reduce costs of long-term translation projects.

Where do the target language versions of your website live? 

The target language versions of your website live on Agnew’s Translation-by-Proxy servers and are projected over your website when your visitors want to access their preferred target language. Translation-by-Proxy eliminates the need to recreate your website, and when you make updates to your site, Agnew receives an automated notification and begins translation of your new content.

Agnew Multilingual is constantly striving to improve your translation experience, and we believe that Translation-by-Proxy will make the translation and maintenance of your website simple and efficient.