Translation Success!

Great to receive appreciation from our clients!

Localization of Kia website into Spanish was our contribution to Animated Design!

“Wanted to share some exciting Animated Designs news and say thanks to our strategic service partners in support of The website ranked #1 in the latest J.D Power & Associates Web Site Evaluation Study. For Animated, this is the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl against all other auto manufacturer web sites.”
Mike Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
Animated Design

French to English Translations!

“You are the best! Let’s go for it.” – C. Steelberg

DirecTV into Spanish and Chinese!

“Thanks for all the effort on this, Ruikun! Really excited to get this out the door to customers and see how it performs. Thanks again!”
– C.
The Kern Company

Sempra Energy into Spanish!

“Thank you! I thought I had missed it. You are always so prompt and exceed expectations!”
– R.
RMK Direct