Rotary Club of Conejo Valley

First, a great big thank you to Irene Agnew. Agnew Multilingual will translate  the instructions of “How to Prepare Turkey Dinners”  into Spanish. Conejo Valley Rotary will be distributing Thanksgiving Dinners donated by Vons to families in need of help.

Yours Truly,

Vern Miller
Conejo Valley Rotary Club

Irene is the International Chair of Rotary Club of Conejo Valley– Launching a fundraiser for Greg Mortenson’s  Central Asia Institute, to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Greg is the award winning author of the best seller “Three Cups of Tea, One School at a Time.”  Sending Greg the first $3000, donated by Conejo Valley Rotary Club Foundation.  If you are interested to participate, contact Irene at [email protected].