Simultaneous Interpretation for Conferences and Events

Simultaneous Interpretation Test

I want you to try simultaneous interpretation. Play this audio file and try to recite what the speaker is saying.


Now imagine trying to repeat that process as you interpret the spoken English into a different language. That is the incredible skill required to perform simultaneous interpretation. According to Mosaic Science magazine, even the world’s most powerful computers can’t perform an accurate real-time interpretation. Yet simultaneous interpreters do it with ease.

Professional Interpretation

Professional interpreters spend many years learning to master the comprehension, reconstruction, and articulation of a source language into a target language. Besides fluency, interpreters undergo stringent testing and years of practice before they are ready to perform simultaneous interpretation. The International Association of Conference Interpreters defines the process of simultaneous interpretation as:

  • listening and speaking,
  • analyzing the structure of what is being said in order to present the speaker’s argument,
  • listening to his/her own interpretation to check for slips of the tongue.

Conference Interpretation

In a conference environment, interpreters operate in teams of two inside an ISO certified soundproof booth. According to Agnew Multilingual’s Business Development Manager, Willow Baker,

“Accurate interpretation is extremely demanding because it’s not only the translation of the words that is important but also the intent of the speaker.”

For this reason, each interpreter is chosen for their subject matter expertise and thorough preparation skills. Interpreters will often spend twenty hours preparing for a one hour conference. Thoroughly reviewing presentation materials and listening to examples of the featured presenters is the best way for interpreters to prepare. Complete comprehension of the source material allows simultaneous interpreters to maintain a neutral speaking voice while reflecting the tone of the speaker. With their high level of training and expertise, simultaneous interpreters are able to gain the trust of the listening audience and articulate the speakers message with confidence.

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth

ISO Certified Interpretation Booth

Agnew Multilingual’s formula for success

We provide personal service for:

  • professional simultaneous interpreters with applicable subject matter expertise
  • state of the art transmitters and receivers
  • ISO certified soundproof interpretation booths
  • ISO certified project management and personal service

Agnew provides complete management of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation projects from local business meetings to globally transmitted conferences. From the early stages of planning and design to the break-down of sound booths and audio equipment, Agnew’s project coordinator will be there to ensure the success of your event.

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