Translation Management Tools

Agnew uses the TRADOS Translator’s Workbench system, a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool for added efficiency in the translation process. Unlike machine translation, CAT tools work with a human translator to provide terminological consistency and automation in large-scale or recurring projects, while still providing the high quality level only human translation can provide.

Here is how the system works: As the translator progresses through a document, TRADOS pairs the source- and target-language text into a database called a Translation Memory (TM). As more text is translated, the database grows and becomes more powerful. The TM is automatically accessed in the course of the translation process. Fully integrated into the word processing environment, it ‘learns’ from the human translator and actively supports the translation process by automatically suggesting existing translations and terminology, thus relieving the translator of time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive tasks. At the same time, translation consistency increases, because Workbench points out terms the translator might otherwise have overlooked.

Translator’s Workbench is ideally suited for projects with many updates, requiring consistency of terminology or large-scale projects in which several translators work together. Workbench automates the co-ordination of such projects by allowing common access to the same translation memory over a computer network. Additionally, your specific glossaries and previously translated documents can be added into the memory: the TM is wholly tailored to your specific terminology and requirements.

Agnew carefully analyzes all materials submitted for translation and works closely with you to maximize the benefits that translation management tools can bring.

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