Video Analytics

Capturing statistical data for online videos has been around since YouTube started counting views. But the precision measurements of how people are watching online content has entered a new era. With video hosting platforms like Wistia and Vimeo providing advanced statistical data, businesses are able to develop relevant, customized content to reach and engage their target audiences.


“Unlike traditional marketing materials like whitepapers, case studies, and data sheets, video statistics provide engagement data on what portion of each of your videos has been watched, rewatched, and skipped. Knowing these metrics can make your productions more targeted and efficient,” said Agnew Multilingual Video Production Manager, Josh Bolton.


Turnstiles are also a new way to track and engage viewers. A turnstile is a gateway that stops the video to ask the viewer for their email. Although it sounds intrusive, interested viewers will gladly comply and all viewers are given the option to skip the turnstile without providing their email. At Agnew Multilingual, we place our turnstile at the end of the video so we don’t disrupt your viewing experience. To see an example of a turnstile in action, watch our Today at Agnew video featuring the 5 most important things you need to know about Simultaneous Interpretation.


There are many ways to adapt your video content to non-English speaking viewers. Traditionally, voiceovers or dubbing were sufficient to address your target audience. But now with so much video content living online, it is important to include subtitles. Why? Because subtitles make your video visible to search engines like Google by acting as a transcript, providing the search engine with all of the relevant data necessary to rank your video in its search results. Subtitles cannot replace the effectiveness of target language voiceovers in most videos, but their inclusion is often very manageable from a cost perspective because the transcript and translation have already been completed.

Subtitles are also an effective way to refresh product or training videos. By including a new subtitle track, older videos will now appear higher in search rankings. The new subtitles will also open your products and services to previously untapped markets.

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